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The Transformation to a Sustainable Planet

September 27th - October  3rd  2020

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Conference Chair Stien J. Matakupan  and  Khaira Fitmi 

CEI 2020 is the 34th Caretakers of the Environment International Conference. CEI 2020 is organized by schools involved in Jaringan Sekolah Alam Nusantara or JSAN (Indonesia Nature School Network) and Pandu Pertiwi, a national network of educators who has passion in environmental education and education for sustainable development. There are six schools in JSAN that play as main actors in CEI 2020 conference. In alphabetical order they are:

AB Home Senior High School
Sekolah Alam Bengkulu Mahira
Sekolah Alam Bogor
Sekolah Alam Indonesia
Sekolah Alam Medan Raya
Sekolah Citra Alam

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The theme “The Transformation to a Sustainable Planet ” encourages all international delegations to choose topics that lead to environmental and ecological projects that enhance the communities in the participants’ lives.

The projects should be carried out in the surrounding environment, where students can complete their project activities with guidance from their teachers. It is important that delegates choose a project topic that they are individually affected by.

 During this Covid Pandemic, we are aware that you have limited time and opportunity to do the project. Hence we encourage all delegation to plan and do a small project then present it during the conference on 27 September - 3 October 2020.

We encourage you to:

1. Try a smaller scale project
2. Come to the conference and tell us what you plan to do and get feedback
3. Try a 48 hour project as part of the conference (more details to follow!)
4. Brainstorm and discuss with participants about projects you can do together

 If possible, try to develop at least one partnership with an organization or community partner located close to their area to learn more about the project and/or to help to develop a sustainable implementation of project in their local community.

Each project must be related to at least one of the following project sub-topics:

Transformation in Low land Ecosystem
Transformation in High land Ecosystem
Transformation in Urban Ecosystem
Transformation in Marine and seashore Ecosystem


To help you actively participate during the conference program, gain more knowledge, interact with other participants and get conference certificate, we expect you to participate in minimum 75% of the conference program.

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Registration extended until September 26th 2020

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