Fátima Matos Almeida

03 July 2020
We regret to inform you that last night a great Caretaker, Vice-President of CEI, Fátima Matos Almeida, passed away. This message plunged us all into deep sadness. We share the pain after Fátima passed away with Her family. Fátima will remain in our memory, as a radiating memoir.Fátima was the spirit of Caretakers. Her intelligence, friendliness and beauty affected all of us deeply for so many years. Her commitment to youth and the environment was unmatched and inspiring; thousands of young people from all over the world were touched by her presence. As a co-founder of ASPEA, the Portuguese Environmental Education NGO, she became a key figure in the Portuguese EE movement.  Prof. Arjen WalsFormer President of CEI  

CPADA Career Award 2019 attributed to Fátima Matos Almeida, Vice-President of CEI

19 June 2020
Fátima Matos Almeida, co-founder and former President of ASPEA, was awarded the Career Award from the Portuguese Confederation of Environmental Defense Associations (CPADA) and delivered by the Minister for the Environment, Dr. João Pedro Matos Fernandes.The Ceremony took place at the headquarters of the National Listening Body, in Lisbon, during the National Meeting of NGOs (ENADA 2019), on 29 November. ASPEA was represented by the Vice-President, David Ramos Silva, and the project manager, Laura Gonzalez.Fátima was as President of ASPEA for more than 20 years, having been one of the main drivers in the materialization of the Pedagogical Journeys of Environmental Education, which are 25 years old, and the Journeys of Art'Ambiente, with 10 years old. She was also a member of the CPADA board and coordinator of several national and international projects in environmental education at ASPEA.Congratulations! reprinted from

World Environment Day LIVE

02 June 2020
As part of the celebration of the World Environment Day, CEI India is organizing on Friday, June 5, 2020, a webinar on: How will we treat our Mother Nature post COVID-19 Lock down?More information on the CEI India website.Report from the event Webinar poster.

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