International Board

The organization of Caretakers of the Environment International is the responsibility of an international board of directors consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director/Communications, Director/Networking, and Editor of Global Forum. The board meets twice a year; during or immediately following the conference, and three to eight months prior to the next conference. The Board is responsible for the following tasks:

  • the management of the organization
  • selecting countries wishing to host a conference
  • advising and supporting the development of the annual conference
  • stimulation of co-operation of teachers and students from various countries by means of:
    • development of the international network
    • the production and distribution of a newsletter
    • encourage the development of joint projects between conferences
  • evaluating the progress of Caretakers of the Environment International and its direction.



International Board of Directors



Elisabeth Jørgensen Brun, Denmark





Anne Marie Begg, Scotland



Isabel Abrams, USA

Co-Founder, Director of Communications

Dan Hoynacki, USA

Resources & Development


Gerado de la Vega, Costa Rica

Incoming Conference Host 2022


Ali (Chou-Li) Lin, Taiwan

Global Forum Editor in Chief


Antoni Salamon, Poland

Website Host


Stien J. Makatupan, Indonesia

Asia Conference Coordinator

Nurten Selda Mersinlioglu, Turkey

Multi-Delegation Advisor


ASPEA Portugal

Interim Treasurer


David Lloyd, Israel

Information Technology Advisor



Marina Konopleva, Russia

Multi-Delegation Advisor






Active Educator Advisors to the Board


José Antonio López Tercero Caamaño, Mexico


Tatiana Khodyreva, Russia


Bożena Kurzeja, Poland


Thomas Wong Chi Fai, Hong Kong, China


Karin Warlin, Sweden


Ilse Prenn, Austria






Emeritus Founding Board Members


Arjen E.J. Wals, Netherlands


Edward C. Radatz, USA




Past Presidents


Andrew Cox, Ireland


Birgitta Nordén, Sweden




Emeritus Board Officers


Joke Wals, Netherlands

Corresponding Secretary


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